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Qss Stock is the only website that provides templates for the Qt API under the .qss extension. which contains the style sheets to customize the applications.

The MIT license allows the use in an unlimited number in several projects, even if they are intended for different customers or companies.

The license gives any person receiving the software the unrestricted right to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sell and change its license. The only obligation is to put the names of the authors with the copyright notice.

It is very close to the new BSD license, only the last clause differs. It is compatible with the GNU General Public License.

Source: Wikipedia

Yes, you can share the template on condition that it is accompanied by the license. The license is issued at the time of download in the archive. but it is better for us to provide them with the link of our site.

Yes, the template is compatible with all Qt versions since the creation of the stylesheet function in the framework and under all windows, linux, mac os operating systems.

The license is always accompanied by the file downloaded and stored in the .rar file. it is under the name of "License.txt".

The download file with the .rar extension in the free version will always contain 3 important files:
-The .qss file which contains the qss code for the application.
-A .png image that contains the style preview on an example.
-The "License.txt" license that must be added in the application.

The free versions of the templates will not contain icons or interfaces, unlike the professional versions.
Some icons are under royalty free licenses. Find out before using icons on your application, and especially for commercial purposes.
We will provide you with the icons made by our team is well referenced to facilitate integration into your project.

The icons referenced in the code are under licenses which we are not authorized to provide to you.
The icons and interfaces that you have seen on the site are only for the use of an illustration or a visual in the context of specific software in a specific field.

First of all, we encourage our public to support us with a donation as they wish to help us develop our project and to be able to remain independent and free of our creations, your help is even more precious in this period of COVID-19.
In addition, the free versions take more time for our team to create them, for you, for free. As well as updating the collection and concentrating our efforts on regularly offering you free templates.

No! donations are not required to download for free.

We do not currently provide customization or template creation services. Thanks for asking!

No! Qss Stock respects your privacy and will not share, give, rent or sell the email address or personal contact information of our clients to any other party. Also, Qss Stock will only send information and email to customers who have expressively given us permission to do so.

You can also email us at
We will respond as rapidly as possible.



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